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About Us

Private stitch (ps) is defined as 탁월한 한국제품 Inspired merchandise of korea. The brand is born to satiate the new generations of the young dynamic individuals. Ps lifestyle merchandise is design with passion and each stitch is carefully dedicated to fused the korean inspiration. The merchandise is designed from a modern eye and combines the casual textured that reflects the lifestyle of korean culture heritage.

This concoction of fashion inspiration targets an ever interesting twist of all materials like a wizard and its spell. Where we will produce a wider range of merchandise such as apparels, footwear & other accessories as a complete fashion pieces.

Ps the brand itself is a reflection of the ever changing scene of the fashion industry and also the pacemaker likewise how korean inspires us the new technology, art & music.

As ps looking forward to work with and inspires the innovations of the retail stores locally and globally with its pieces. Ps keeping the dream a live!

Private stitch currently only available from selected departmental stores. But if you wish to drop us a message regarding about our products or you see an opportunity you are most welcome to contact us!