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Private Stitch 08 Mar 0 102
Welcome to step in to our first concept store in Publika Shopping Gallery!    It is a unique shopping club for all gentlemen and hipster.PSG reflects the ever-changing scene of the male fashion industry for discerning gentlemen and is also the pacema..
Private Stitch 12 Feb 0 250
It is all about Check and Stripe!      This coming season we caught a breakthrough for leaving our precursory style behind and proudly created a series of collection.In combining two elements which are check and stripe, this contrast may create the..
Private Stitch 05 Jan 0 128
FASHION EVENT!Good clothes open all doors! Private Stitch is in ‘Posh and Glam’ and we excited to show you our latest ready-to-wear collection!           The theme of this show is ‘Wear in Style’ which is focusing to the age range 20-40 of male. Wit..
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